Responsible & Comprehensive Procedures

The concept of “Responsible Eye Care” at MediVision is in fact, the belief and practice of all; from specialists to admin team at the Centre, from technicians to coordinators at camps conducted by the Eye Care Centre.

Driving principles of “Responsible Eye Care” at MediVision include:

  • Understanding the readiness and responsiveness of patients for an intended procedure, during a specific instance.
  • Prioritizing the interests of individuals and long-term benefits to them.
  • Enabling informed decisions of patients and their aides.

Every person decides for himself/herself on the necessity, the time, and the extent of eye care. Procedure is merely an offer to the individual in his/her attempt to maintain or restore vision.

Establishing the patient's ability to respond to a specific procedure or judging their readiness through medical examinations shall not only help them taking a right decision through appropriate information, but also indicates the degree of urgency – for example, whether to proceed with a surgery or to defer the same by prescribing essential ophthalmic treatment.

A similar approach during the camps and off-site examinations helps people understanding the exact phase of their vision issues and action to be taken further, based on the information provided by camp organizers.

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