Gift a vision - sponsor a cataract package for the elderly

Eye is the most important organ of human body. Facilitating someone with a perfect vision is like reintroducing a world that can be seen clearly.

That someone can be anyone in your circles - your old watchman, an aged maid, your milkman, one of the senior citizens who are in need of cataract removal. MediVision Eye Care is known for its quality that meets affordability.

So, sponsoring or gifting vision to the elderly is not a costly affair. MediVision shall bear the expenses of eye examinations by an expert doctor and other required tests to judge the readiness of patient for surgery.

Admission and basic charges of the Cataract Surgery shall also be taken care by the Centre. Your benevolence shall be tax-free, and it shall be honored with a certificate of appreciation from MediVision and your local government working for control of Vision problems among people of all age groups.

For available packages, please contact us at +91 40 66368292 / +91 40 23538292 or send a WhatsApp message to +91 9000660146 with the text "SPONSOR". We will revert back immediately.

For assistance please call us at 040-42456666, +91 900 018 0035