Dr V Chandrasekhara Reddy, M.B.B.S, MS.
Consultant Ophthalmology

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Dr V Chandrasekhara Reddy is working as Consultant Department of Paed. Ophthalmology And Squint Dristi Eye Centre in Hyderabad. He did his MBBS in 1978 and MS in 1986, and has a vast experience of 40 years in paediatric ophthalmology. He is also a reviewer for Indian journal of ophthalmology.

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Presented Papers and Published articles on

  • Actiological Study of ocular motor nerve paralysis.
  • Mathematical prediction of Squint Surgery.
  • Comparative study of conventional and Endonasaldacrocystorhinostomy.
  • Conventional and Hangback method of recession of rectas muscles Prospective study.
  • Histopathalogical study of extraocular muscles in commitant squint.
  • Role of VEP in amblyopia diagnosis and management.
  • Effect of recession &Recession with Y splitting of Lateral rectus for upshot/downshoot in Duanes Retraction syndrome.
  • Effect of occlusion beyond 10 yrs of age in the treatment of Amblyopia.
  • Changes in macular thickness in different types amblyopis,a prospective Study.
  • Prevalence of myopia in rural population.
  • Clinical profile of psuedoexfoliation syndrome.

  • Resident in Christian medical College (CMC)Hospital (1980-1982).
  • Asst Professor / Civil asst. Surgeon in all specialities of ophthalmology at Sarojini devi Eye Institute (1990-1999).
  • Professor in the department of paed. Ophthalmology and Squint. At SarojiniDevi Eye Institute. Head of the Dept & Medical Superentandant in Sarojinidevi Eye Institute Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, Telangana (1999-till date).
  • M S 1986 at Christian medical College (CMC)Hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu.
  • MBBS 1978 at Christian medical College (CMC)Hospital, Vellore, Tamilnadu.