Corporate Benefts

Benefits to employees and their families

As an empaneled Eye Care Centre, MediVision is already working towards better vision of employees at various government and private corporations.
Most of them offer reimbursement and insurance facilities to their staff.
As part of Rewards & Recognition to the important employees of corporate organisations, MediVision has designed membership under various categories:
Privileged (For those who can walk in anytime and get their tests and procedures done) Visitor.

This membership applies to staff, who are exposed to eye-related vulnerability at workplaces – directly or indirectly. Staff and their families of utmost importance at respective organisations can use the card for service delivery without any payment formalities. A dedicated login shall be provided to track Group benefits and Family benefits Group benefits from fixed fee based on time-bound, limited-member, and

  • Tenure based member cards (valid for a selected group of employees, once within a stipulated time frame), with full benefits against one-time billing for the timeframe
  • Member based cards from the Centre (one employee with registered family members; without considering the time frame and walkins), with full benefits for an individual at every visit.

MediVision Member Card (Staff & Family)
Vision issues are often ignored by the family members of your employees. Women and the senior citizens without time access to eye-care centres: due to unavailability of attendants, and lower importance to personal medical needs.
Family benefits for corporate employees whose families are not included in the above list. Benefits to a family are case based (based on examinations and surgeries done during the card validity period).
For more information, please call our Corporate Relations Manager at bdm@medivisioneyecarecom