Over the years, India has turned into a hub for medical treatments for people across the globe, it is called medical tourism, where people from all over the world choose to come to India to get themselves treated for all kinds of health issues from minor to major.


They chose India because of three reasons mainly,

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Advanced treatment that is at par with developed countries.
  • Quality of treatment

Of all medical tourism destinations, India offers a wide variety of procedures at about one-tenth the cost of similar procedures in the United States.
Our team of experienced doctors at MediVision Eye Care Centre is well equipped to treat international patients. The Directors of the centre, Dr Rurpak Kumar Reddy and Mr Rithesh Reddy have the understanding and experience of practices that are at par with International Standards in Eye Care.
The catch for our international patients is that MediVision is located close to several tourist destinations and has easy access to Hyderabad International Airport and international hotels.
Patients from the Middle East and Europe are well connected with friends and relatives living in Hyderabad, which is why they choose Hyderabad for their treatment. MediVision is enriched with doctors who have the cognizance of diet habits, lifestyle, and people’s approach to vision issues along with cutting edge equipment.
You can book an appointment with us to get a comprehensive eye check up done.

You can reduce unnecessary hassle by booking an appointment beforehand, either yourself or through the someone who will be hosting you in india.

If you wish to visit us directly without staying back in hyderabad for another day, we have an International Patient Coordinator who would gladly arrange for an airport pick-up and drop-off on your request as per your flight details.

If you have no one to host you in hyderabad , based on your budget, our coordinator shall help you find a comfortable stay and other support facilities. The most advanced surgeries do not require you to to stay in the hospital for more than 24 hours.

Depending on your condition and its course of treatment, a tentative package will be designed for you beforehand so that you have time to prepare yourself for the expense and have an idea of how things will be. Your Insurance which is provided by the insurance company of your country will be examined by our personnel to check for eligibility, well before the treatment begins.

You can actually be treated as a “Medical Tourist” and travel across India without much restriction. There is a huge increase in the number of people travelling to India for treatments of all kinds.