Children When it comes to children having issues with eyes and vision, it requires great expertise and experience to deal with them. Children cannot identify the exact problem and symptom because of which they are unable to communicate or express, it requires professionals who are able to ask the right questions to children to be able to rule out the problem and treat it.
Eye problems in children are of two types, congenital and acquired. Children with congenital eye defects have suffered from the disorder since their birth, and defects that are acquired like the refractive errors, color blindness and a few more are either caused due to genetics or other underlying conditions like diabetes.
The branch of Pediatric Ophthalmology at MediVision includes treatment and care for a range of eye defects including cataract and squint corrections. Cataracts are rare in babies and children. It may be congenital because of genetics, infection during pregnancy, or low birth weight.
If a cataract blocks light from entering the eye and stimulating the retina, the area of the brain used for sight does not develop properly encouraging the development of lazy eye (amblyopia).
Be it a congenital condition or an acquired one. It is important to get the treatment started as early as possible, after diagnosis. Often delaying reduces the chances of recovery.
The department of pediatric ophthalmology at MediVision has a team of doctors who excel in the fields of pediatrics and ophthalmology to better understand the struggles of our little patients.
Children are our future and to give them a better vision of the world is what we strive for.